Free of charge 30 minute webinars

30 september, 2020

Are you sending your employees overseas on international leadership assignments? Perhaps they find themselves struggling in their new position and don’t understand why?

The capability to adapt effectively to a new cultural context is called Cultural Competence (CQ). We believe that it is crucial for expatriate adjustment, performance and the overall success of your international assignment.

Don’t miss out on our next series of free webinar on our favourite topic, Intercultural Communication and Cultural Competence (CQ). Join intercultural leadership consultant Christina Rundcrantz from our sister company BBi Communication and get useful tips on this topic.

We hope you can join us, welcome!

NOTE: this is an online event, you will receive a link to join the day before the event. The event will be held in English.
For questions, please contact:
To register, go to following the links below:

Why Cultural Competence (CQ) makes your business more agile
IQ, EQ – Now CQ is key for international leadership

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